Cemetery Tour

Cemeteries reveal a lot about a place and its people. In the Philippines, most cemeteries possess a community that has given them opportunity to work and live. You will meet some of the people who were born in the Manila North Cemetery and have lived their lives here for decades. They say that living with the dead provides peace, which they cannot obtain living on the streets. And for some, being in the cemetery has helped them believe that life really goes beyond the grave.


  • Dangwa: Visit the biggest flower market of Manila and learn why there are many Filipinos working abroad.

  • Jewish Cemetery: Hear how the Philippines became a refuge for Jews during the Holocaust.

  • Rituals and Beliefs: Learn interesting Filipino practices for observing death and celebrating All Saints Day. Get an understanding how Filipino's think about ghosts.

  • Residents: Understand why many people have decided to live in the cemetery.

  • Public Transportation: Experience public transportation in the Philippines as the tour leaders take you on a jeepney and tricycle.



AVAILABILITY: Check Schedule.

DURATION: 2,5-3 Hours.

MEETING POINT: McDonald's Tayuman 2nd Floor.

Near Tayuman LRT-1 Train Station
Tayuman Road corner Rizal Avenue.


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PUBLIC GROUP TOUR: Maximum amount is 6 people. There is no minimum group size.

PRICE: 23,50 euro per person.

PRIVATE TOUR: Do you want to do a tour on your own?

Private Group Tour for 1-2 persons in total 68 euro.

Private Group Tour for 3-4 persons in total 120 euro.

Private Group Tour 5-6 persons in total 150 euro.
INCLUSIONS: All forms of public transportation used to follow the route of the tour.
AMENITIES: There are public toilets available in the surrounding area.
CAMERA POLICY: Please note that we have a strict NO CAMERA policy in the Cemetery. We try to be as less intrusive as possible and at the same time minimize any discomfort our tours can cause to the locals. Permits are also heavily needed in the cemetery. Please understand this and respect our policy. Cameras are allowed at all other stops during the tour.