How do I find the meeting point of the Bicycle Tour?

The current meeting point of this tour is inside Goldilocks Bakeshop along Gil Puyat near the LRT-1 Gil Puyat Station (northbound). There are two entrance/exits of the station - Goldilocks is on the side going to Makati area. 

Starting April 1, 2015, the new meeting point of the Bicycle Tour would be at COFFEE AND BICYCLES (locally known as Auring's Place). This is still near the LRT-1 Gil Puyat Station (northbound). The place is near along Taft Avenue and the best landmark is Greenstar Bus Line. The meeting point should be behind the red fenced area. 

How long will it take to get to the meeting point from Makati/Malate/Ermita/Global City/Pasig City/Eastwood?

The meeting point should be 15-25 minutes from Malate area via taxi and could be shorter as there are more road options. Taking the LRT-1 from UN Avenue/Pedro Gil/Malate Stations (southbound) could take 10-20 minutes not including time to get into the train but the northbound line could be crowded.

For Makati, it could be as short as 15-20 minutes for some areas but could be as long as 30-45 minutes if traffic is heavy. Please take note that getting a taxi in Makati in the morning could be also difficult in the mornings of work days and the traffic can be also heavy so allot more time.

For Global City (Taguig/Fort Bonifacio), allot 30-45 minutes. Time could be affected also by traffic situation in Makati area.

For Pasig City and Eastwood, allot 1,5 hour of travel time to make sure you get on time.

Manila has lots of traffic. Isn’t cycling dangerous?

We cycle as much on smaller roads and in some cycling paths but we also cycle on main roads with some pedicabs, tricycles, jeepneys, taxis and other vehicles and these roads cannot be avoided to get to the main areas visited. With a large group of participants a second tour leader can accompany on request. Our bicycles are checked before each tour and you could also request for a helmet if you want to feel safer. Our tour leader gives you first a safety briefing before the tour so please pay attention to it and follow to ensure your safety.

I want to see some of the tourist sites properly, is this possible?
We allocate time for you to explore some areas on your own like the Rizal Park (one area), the walls of Intramuros (one area), San Agustin Church (when open) and Fort Santiago (when there's enough time as exploring the place may take a lot of minutes and delay the tour).

Is it appropriate to bring small children on the tour?
We wouldn't recommend very small children to join the tour, but children of 10+ who are comfortable with a bicycle can attend.

What are the bicycles like?

The bicycles are Japanese folding bikes. They’re in good quality and checked regularly. However, they may not be able to accommodate bigger or very tall people. We don't have bicycles with side cars - every participant must be able to cycle on their own.

I'm not physically very fit. Will I get tired on the tour?

There are no hills and the tour is not very physically demanding but you have to be able to cycle for 3-4 hours. In cases, we adapt the speed of the tours to our participants but also be mindful of the other guests and also expect the tour to take longer if some guests cycle slower than others. We make stops, so you can drink water, take pictures and rest.

What happens if it rains? Will the tour still take place?
Yes, we still continue the tour even if it rains, unless it is very heavy or there's a storm declared before the tour starts. Please bring a waterproof jacket. If rains gets stronger, we sometimes take stops in covered areas and wait for the rain to stop or weaken before we continue.