How do I find the meeting point of the Cemetery Tour?

The meeting point of this tour is on the 2nd floor of McDonalds in Tayuman Center near the LRT-1 Tayuman Station (northbound).

How long will it take to get to the meeting point from Makati/Malate/Ermita/Global City/Pasig City/ Eastwood?

The meeting point should be 25-35 minutes from Malate area via taxi and could be shorter as there are more road options. Taking the LRT-1 from UN Avenue/Pedro Gil/Malate Stations (northbound) could take 15-20 minutes not including time to get into the train.

For Makati, please allot more time. It could be as short as 25 minutes on some days (Sundays and holidays) but could be as long as 45 minutes to an hour or more if traffic is heavy. Please take note that getting a taxi in Makati in the morning could be also difficult in the mornings of work days.

For Global City (Taguig/Fort Bonifacio), Pasig City and Eastwood, allot 1,5 hours of travel time.

Can I take photos during the Cemetery Tour?

Please note that taking pictures inside the cemetery we visit is not allowed as it is a policy by the city administration. We try to be as less intrusive as possible and to minimize any discomfort our tours can cause to locals. At all other stops during the tour, cameras are allowed, but please inform your tour leader if you want to take photos inside jeepneys or in busy places.

Can I go back to the cemetery after the tour and take pictures?

You can go back to the cemetery, but if you want to take pictures you need to get permission from the administration of the cemetery and they accompany you to take only photos in certain areas (not of the community). People caught taking pictures inside the cemetery (both local and foreigners) without permission would be first repreminanded then if seen again, brought to their office and pictures would be deleted (you could be also fined). Officials roam around the cemetery in a car or on a motorcycle and could stop you if they see you taking photos.

Why is it discouraged to buy flowers during the tour? Why is it not allowed for guests to wear red?

Filipinos can be very superstitious and these advice are given to follow some practices. The guests can still buy flowers if they want during tour but the reason why it is not recommended is told during the tour. Wearing red is considered inappropriate by some people living in the cemetery.

How does Smokey Tours give back to the community?

Smokey Tours doesn't give part of the tour fee to the community living in the cemetery. However, we support the local livelihood especially the tricycle drivers who make their living inside the place. There are guests who have taken the tour and decided to return again to donate clothes and some decided to distribute food or school supplies but do it discretely or not in crowded areas to avoided unwanted attention.

Some of our guests planned to organize feeding, medical missions or teaching sessions in the area. Should you decide to do so, you may coordinate with the administration office of the cemetery to ensure it would be in order.

Should I give money to the people living there?

We ask you not to give money to individuals, either for the children or adults. This is to avoid unwanted attention as well as the bad feeling of others if they don't get any from you. 

Are there restrooms inside the cemetery?

Yes there are, but you might have to pay PHP 5 to use some because water in the area is bought.