How do I find the meeting point of the Family Tour?

The Meeting Point is in McDonalds in Good Earth Plaza, UNDERNEATH the LRT- I Carriedo Station. There is only one McDonalds underneath the LRT Station.

How long will it take to get to the Meeting Point from Makati/Malate/Ermita/Global City/Pasig City/Eastwood?

The Meeting Point should be 25-35 minutes from Malate area via taxi and could be shorter as there are more road options. Taking the LRT-1 from UN Avenue/Pedro Gil/Malate Stations (northbound) could take 15-20 minutes not including time to get into the train.

For Makati, please allot more time. It could be as short as 25 minutes on some days (Sundays and holidays) but could be as long as 45 minutes to an hour or more if traffic is heavy. Please take note that getting a taxi in Makati in the morning could be also difficult in the mornings of work days.

For Global City (Taguig/Fort Bonifacio), Pasig City and Eastwood, allot 1,5 hours of travel time. 

Here is the map of the Familyt Tour meeting point.

Is the Quiapo Market safe for my family?

Yes. However, please be mindful that Quiapo Market can be very hot, busy, noisy and full of smells, during certain times, just like most local markets elsewhere. What one family feels comfortable with, can feel uncomfortable to others, so please take your own standards into consideration when booking a Tour. Keep in mind that the place is often very crowded so be aware of the potential pickpockets. Please contact us for more information when in doubt. 

Can I bring my child in a stroller?

We discourage the use of strollers since the Market can be very busy and the underground is not even.

What is an ideal age for children to join?

Since it is a Private Group Tour, there is a lot of flexibility to cater to the needs of your Family.  The Market is an interesting place to explore from a young age. We recommend the Tour for children who can walk themselves without having problems with the weather. Age depends on the child, but 4 years and older should be ok.

Can I do the Tour with adults only?

We recommend the Family Quiapo Market Tour for adults since there is so much more to see and share than what fits in 90 minutes. If you would like to have a longer Tour around the area, we recommend our Market Tour.

Are there restrooms at the Quiapo Market?

Yes there are, but you might have to use the facilities in local restaurants or fastfood chains around the area.

Can I take photos during the Family Tour?

Yes, you can take as many photos as you want! Again, it is best to ask your tour leader before taking photos so they can keep an extra eye on your belongings.