Smokey Tours empowers, educates and trains people from underprivileged communities in Metro Manila by giving safe and eye-opening tours. Help people who want to help themselves. Through our tours, we:

  • Raise awareness about social issues and concerns,

  • Inspire individuals to bring about societal change,

  • Use proceeds to improve the living conditions in underprivileged communities; and

  • Bridge the gap between people from different backgrounds. 



Smokey Tours seeks to inspire people from all walks-of-life to become agents of positive change and contribute to societal well-being, whether it is within their own communities or on a much larger scale. At the same time, we strive to help people realize that happiness/joy does not solely rely on wealth or material possession.



In January 2011, a photo tour was organized in Smokey Mountain. This ‘photo walk’ portrayed the way children live and play in the area of Tondo, specifically Baranggay 105 Sitio Damayan.
Twenty local photographers volunteered and donated their photographs.  In the meantime, local talents from Baranggay 105 were discovered who told stories about their neighbourhoods with passion, pride and dignity. The idea of a special tour was born.

Juliette Kwee started recruiting and coaching potential tour leaders. To professionally develop the tours at international standards, Smokey Tours tapped Chris Way - founder of (Reality Tours & Travel), an outfit that was already offering slum tours in India, who readily and graciously flew over and lent a much needed helping hand.


The Smokey Mountain Tour was the first and only tour of its kind offered in the entire South East Asian region when it began. Smokey Mountain was Smokey Tours’ signature tour. The guests were mainly part of a network of acquaintances while the arrangements and planning were largely improvised. Since the start, all the profits made through the tours were donated to local NGOs in Barangay 105, where Smokey Mountain (an urban dumpsite) was located.

Smokey Tours now offers five different tours and keeps seeking improvement and growth opportunities. Smokey Mountain has since closed down and Smokey Tours has now created a new Slum Tour in one of the most impoverished areas of Manila.

Smokey Tours has consistently been ranked #1 on TripAdvisor.


100% of the profit from our Slum Tour are given back to the community. We work together with the PRRC, the Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission, a Goverment Organisation, with the goal to transform Pasig River and its environs into a showcase of a new quality of urban life. The Pasig River ends in the sea in Baseco. We believe in helping the people who want to be helped and to start projects, which are suggested by the community itself. 

Smokey Tours is putting their efforts into Talent Development and Livelihood. The goal is to train residents to become financial independent. The goal is to help people to help themselves. 


Smokey Tours is a project of World Experience Philippines, Corp. a duly registered NGO in the Philippines (CN201400189). The goal of World Experience Philippines is to share skills, experience and knowledge.

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