Please bear with us.  We are a small team. During high season and fielddays, we will not always be able to pick up the phone during office hours as we are often out doing tours. Please get in touch with our tour leaders early morning on the day of your tour if you need to make booking changes.

We will reply to emails as soon as possible and during our office hours (Monday - Friday) 11 AM to 5 PM. For Tour Schedules, please click on the Button BOOK NOW, and CHECK THE TOURSCHEDULE.

Please be aware that during typhoons there will be days when we will not have internet connection in the office and can't reply immediately.

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We proudly present our team - You will recognize the Smokey Tours tour leaders by their uniforms and ID cards.

Would you be interested in joining our team?

We at Smokey Tours are always looking for proactive people that would like to be part of our team!

If you have what it takes to become one of our tour leaders or if you would like to volunteer in any way (whether via marketing, promotion, sponsorship, etc.). Please feel free to contact us!


Availability of Tours

When can I book a Tour? Check the Tourschedule for up to date Tourschedules. Please check the Tourschedule first.

Reservation of Tours

You can reserve Tours online at most 3 Months ahead.

Stay in touch

Would you like to do an internship or volunteer? Please send us your resume and details of your intent.

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